Friday, June 6, 2008


I have a new blog, I don't give a rats ass about this one. Only thing is, with the new one I feel I need quality before I post, and this one I could care less. Posts like this are the result.

How is life? I WANT A NEW JOB. I'm so sick and tired of being a bellman/front desk clerk at my waikiki hotel. Craigslist is giving me no love, dozens of applications sent out, no responses :(.

I'm moving to Waikiki soon, come hell or high water, which I'm getting really excited about. Walk to work? Niiiiiice. Walk home drunk from the bar and not care at all about police pulling me over? Yeeeeeah. Go for a quick surf session before I work every day. Now that's living the life I dreamed of before moving to this island.

Updates to follow.


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